I have always wanted to be in the veterinary field. I am a veterinary nurse and am planning on completing my schooling to be a registered veterinary technician. I plan on going to the academy of Emergency Medicine for Technicians. I grew up with a lot of pets around me so I feel that helped push me towards my goal. I spent a few years at a cat only day practice where I learned the ins and outs of the cat world and got my fair share of bites and scratches before I found my love for emergency medicine. I am a very out-going and outdoorsy person and am most comfortable when I am surrounded by nature. Some of my passions include hiking, camping, running, blacksmithing, photography, target practice, knife throwing, and many different types of dancing. I am very active and love to work and build with my hands. I love learning new things and feel that knowledge truly is power, so I am always striving to better myself in anyway whether physically or mentally. I have 2 boxers of my own both of them were rescues, 6 cats, 6 poison dart frogs, 2 African clawed frogs, and a Urimastyx lizard.