On April 18th Murphee was hit by a pick up truck in our mountain neighborhood that has very little traffic so it was a bit of a freak accident. He was rushed to REACH and was given superb care by Dr. Brett Wood and his very caring and well trained staff. Murphee suffered multiple pelvic fractures which required surgery involving a compression plate to span one of the fracture sites that was attached with cortical bone screws. This was a very complicated idea for us but it was clear from the start that Dr. Wood was a man with a plan and we felt very fortunate to have his expertise and tender loving care as a big part of that plan. We retired to western NC 2 years ago and were told by some that we may not have access to the level of goods & services that we were used to but this is just one example of how incorrect that thinking is. Western NC is a beautiful place to live and we feel so blessed to be able to realize our dream while enjoying a very comfortable quality of life. It has been 8 days since this tragedy and Murphee is showing really good progress thanks to the emergency care he received at REACH. Thank you for the amazing work you do.