Lucy Cagle

The middle of August, 2013, Lucy hurt her knee after she stepped funny in a hole while she was running and playing ball. She yelped louder than I had ever heard her, and I knew she was hurting badly. We took her to the vet, who said she was going to need surgery, and he sent us to Dr. Wood at REACH. We did some research before our appointment there and went into it uncertain about what to do. Dr. Wood spent a lot of time explaining all the options and gave us all the information we needed to make the best decision for Lucy. She has always been a super active dog, and her favorite thing on earth is playing ball, which for her means running full speed and jumping to catch it. She starts and stops on a dime and always plays with all she has - for her there is no slow, easy ball playing. After talking with Dr. Wood, we decided on TPLO surgery since that seemed to be the best option to give her back the strength in her leg that she would need to be happy and able to play like she loves. He gave us plenty of time to make the decision, and after the surgery he and the staff were very supportive to help her get through the recovery period. They were attentive to call us and let us know her surgery was fine and that she was doing well. Every time we went in for check ups they made sure we knew what the next step was in her recovery and always welcomed any questions about her care. After the initial recovery period, she took a few months of slow going and time to build her muscles back up, but with our patience (not hers!), she seems to have fully recovered. She can run, swim, jump, and play ball as much as we give her the opportunity, and she always asks for more and shows no favoritism, pain, or reluctance. We are so happy that she can be herself again - for a while we were really scared she would never be able to play like this again, which would make her miserable. Thanks REACH for giving us our happy Lucy back!

Renee Cagle