We were in asheville helping my cousin move into a new home in asheville. We brought sophie with us. She never likes us to leave her at home or in a kennel. So we brought her with us. After being at my cousin's home all day We decided to go out to dinner. She has a fence around the yard six-foot high fence ,avdoggie door when she can come in and out of the house , so we thought she would be good. So we left for dinner. My cousins left prior to us because she had my elderly grandmother with her and they needed to leave sooner. Then a few minutes later we decided to leave and head back to the house Only to get a phone call on our way home. We are home the gate isvdown and Sophie is gone. So frantically hurry home. Searching and searching door-to-door down every rode. It was dark and the road was busy. My cousin called animal control called the police called shelters, everywhere we could think of. Still no Sophie. Finally we called reach hospital. And there she was a brindle boxer. All they told us she received some kind of trauma we didn't know how bad or good she was. So frantically we drove there. As we Frantically entered the hospital, myself, my husband, and my cousin. The nurse approaches, How is bad is she, is she okay or bad, i was afraid, sick.....
We braced ourselves. There she was, laying brused, cut up, struggling to breathe, eyes shut...she was showing no signs of Recognizing us... We asked them to do whatever they needed to do to save her. So they said they were going to run test to see if anything was broken or internal bleeding etc. So we went home laid in the bed and waited for the call. No broken bones minimal internal bleeding head trauma but no feeling the back legs. Okay I can deal with the back legs. I just wanted her to survive this. So we told them to be what they needed and will see them in the morning.
On our way out to go home to sleep. We found out that a loving family headed to the fair accidentally hit sophie with their car. And they brought her in to reach hospital. Wow, are we so thankful to this family. Oh how i wish i could personaly tell them but reach couldnt give out their info. And thats understood. But one day we hope they do know how thankful we are.

now the next morning we arrivedonly to find her with slight progression. She was atill here with us. But brain bleed was not worse, but stable. Her internal bleeding was under control. But still no feeling in her legs., so we told them to keep her until 6 bc we had to head home to sc that night and were hoping we could take her ome to a vet closer to us. But we were scared bc they told us that at this point that was not recommended bc it could cause her bleeding to increase. So we prayed for a day n the hospital to inproe this so we could take her home. For financial reasons and the fact we live 4 hours away.
Well 5pm approached and we headed back to hospital. Nervously we sat awaiting the vet. .. Well she is stable and we think she can take the ride home. She still only ate a half can of food and no water. Not interested. But we can deal. We got her meds learned ow to give meds in the iv and flush it. They were so helpful with us. And then they brought her oit to the car and we headed home.
Not a hour down the road she drank a of water for me. Still she had no clue to me that she knew who i was. But thats expected with her head trama... We then drove home. No problems. Just concern of her hard labored breathing.
All night i slept with her. Then took her to our vet that morning. He checked her, took out iv. Gave her a new med, antiinflammatory. And we left.
Got home, put her in her bed. She slept, as i napped beside her. The day went on with normals, meds, bites of food, sleeping. Then a few ours later i was in the bathroom and heard something. There was sophie in the hallway. Drinking on her own. I saw her for a second with pressure on her back legs. I then put the sling on her. And to make a long story short. She is applying pressure to legs and walking with assistance. She is doing better thAn we could have ever imagine today 4 days later. We still have a long road but she is here and has feeling in her legs, enough to start the healing of walking. And her mind is coming back slowly. We all have had kisses from her now and a slight talk from my girl. She was always such a talker...

I just wanted to share this bc one loving family found it in their heart to take my baby girl to the hospital and not leave her onthe side of the road. And we r so thankful. This sophie is my life, my love, my child. And reach hospital is the best. I thank them more than i campn express. They were so kind and patient . And loved my girl. Thank u family and reach hospital for allowing us to still have my sweet Sophie!!!!

---damon and renee rose