Mountain Veterinary Pathology

Mountain Veterinary Pathology has been providing veterinary reference laboratory services to the Western NC veterinary community (and beyond) for 16 years.  Originally an offshoot of Mission St Joseph's Hospital Outreach, MVP became an independent, incorporated entity in 2003.  In the early years we shared lab bench tops with Keystone Laboratories (now Wolfe Inc.) during and following the time the Swannanoa flooded Biltmore Village in 2004.  Eventually, MVP relocated to available space at REACH and has resided there ever since. 
MVP conducts clinical hematology, chemistry, cytopathology, histopathology, urinalyses, and some endocrine testing on site.  We work with many university and specialty laboratories to provide any test a client requires at competitive prices.  Our specialty is providing excellent customer service and a full-range local resource for regular veterinarians.