Lost Pets Listing

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Pet's Description: Male White Toy poodle
Last seen Candler on 11/18/2017
Pet's Description: Male Black and White Springer Spaniel
Last seen Twin Lakes area, near Enka High School on 11/11/2017
Pet's Description: Female black with blonde spots Lab - looks like Rotweiller
Last seen 360 Asheville School Road - campus of boarding school on 11/05/2017
Pet's Description: Male Chestnut/beige with black tipped ears Mixed breed/terrier mix
Last seen Arden/Royal Pines area on 11/02/2017
Pet's Description: Male Black with white markings Black lab mix white on chest and paws
Last seen Bryson City, NC on 11/01/2017
Pet's Description: Male Light Brown/Tan Boxer/Pit Mix
Last seen East Asheville/Oteen on 10/31/2017
Pet's Description: Female White, black and brindle Boston Terrier
Last seen Arden in the 452 Mills Gap Rd Area on 10/22/2017
Pet's Description: Female Black and white Beagle & Jack Russell
Last seen Burton St. Community West Asheville on 10/18/2017
Zhoie Marie
Pet's Description: Female Brown with some black on muzzle, tip of tail Doxie Chihuahua miz
Last seen Callaway drive barnardsville, NC on 09/19/2017


Rousseau/AKA "Fatty"
Pet's Description: Male Orange tabby with white patch on neck/chest Norwegian Forest Cat, long hair
Last seen Cedar Hill Road and Pisgah View,West Asheville/Leicester on 10/28/2017
Pet's Description: Male Black and white Domestic Shorthair
Last seen Sandon Dr & Colonial pl, Asheville NC 28804 on 10/27/2017
Pet's Description: Female Gray Long haired, solid gray, damaged ear 8 lbs
Last seen Starnes Cove rd on 10/18/2017
Pet's Description: Female Black and white Mixed
Last seen Hemlock St, Arden (Royal Pines) on 10/14/2017
Pet's Description: Female Grey with white patches Domestic House Cat
Last seen Candler on 10/09/2017
Pet's Description: Male Gray, brown, black stripes with white paws Tabby head, Tortoise body, white paws
Last seen Off Leicester Highway on 09/26/2017