Lost Pets Listing

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Pet's Description: Male Brown and White Brittany Spaniel
Last seen Sunrise Ridge, Marshall, NC on 07/19/2017
Pet's Description: Male blonde and white Pomerianian
Last seen flat rock near jackson loop road and Sam Furr road on 07/14/2017
Pet's Description: Female Black Small black dog
Last seen Merrills Cove Road/Reynolds Area on 07/12/2017
Pet's Description: Male Black, white and gray with white on hos paws. Shin Z
Last seen Candler NC on 07/04/2017
Pet's Description: Female White and dark brown spots Border Collie/German Shepherd
Last seen West Asheville off of Leicester Hwy on 07/03/2017
Blue Bell
Pet's Description: Female brown heeler color Heeler
Last seen Teagues Convenient store Maggie Valley Owners truck stolen on 06/20/2017
Pet's Description: Female Tan Shar Pei
Last seen Ingles on Patton Ave on 06/11/2017
Pet's Description: Male white and gray Shih Tzu
Last seen Fair Oaks Road Arden and Hyde Park in Arden on 06/09/2017


Mr. Kitty
Pet's Description: Male Black and White DSH
Last seen West Asheville on 07/16/2017
Pet's Description: Female Grey Tabby Grey Tabby
Last seen West Asheville on 07/16/2017
Pet's Description: Female Black And White Unknown
Last seen Arden/Fletcher on 07/15/2017
Pet's Description: Male Orange/Red/Brown Possibly Maine Coon Mix breed - large, fluffy
Last seen McIntyre Drive, Asheville, NC on 07/15/2017
Pet's Description: Male White, Brown, Tan Almost looks Siamese, but he is a mix
Last seen Five Points Neighborhood, North St & West St on 07/13/2017
Pet's Description: Female gray Russian Blue
Last seen Front porch of our home, Swannanoa, Harrison Hill on 07/03/2017
Riley (Rye)
Pet's Description: Male White no Markings Domestic Short Hair
Last seen Fletcher, NC near Howard Gap Road on 06/30/2017
Pet's Description: Male Orange tabby Domestic short hair
Last seen River arts/west Asheville on 06/24/2017
Pet's Description: Female Tortoiseshell Domestic Short Hair
Last seen Leicester on 05/23/2017