Frequently Asked Questions

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What Do I Do if I Find Injured or Orphaned Wildlife?

Other FAQ’s

Q: How will my regular veterinarian know what happened to my pet at REACH/AVS?

A: The doctors at REACH/AVS will handle communication with your primary veterinarian about your pet’s treatment.  This is done via phone, fax and email on a daily basis.

Q: My pet was seen on an emergency basis, can I bring them back in for the follow up visits?

A:We are a referral and emergency facility that works in conjunction with your primary care veterinarian.  Follow-up visits to emergency visits would be directed to your regular veterinarian; however, we are available if they are not.

Q: What happens if my pet comes in for an emergency and needs to be seen by one of your specialists?

A: If your pet comes in through the emergency department and needs to be seen by one of our specialists, they will be transferred to that department, and the specialist will contact you following their exam of your pet.