Arnold came in to Asheville Veterinary Specialists unable to walk. He had seen his regular vet in January for being uncoordinated in his back legs when he walked. It was determined he had spondylosis, a degenerative non-inflammatory condition where bone spurs form along the spine. This can be a common disease in older dogs and often has very few symptoms. A myelogram, a special radiograph that shows the spinal cord and the space between the vertebrae, was performed. It showed a compressed disc in the lower spine and some nerve abnormalities. His owners opted to do surgery on his back to relieve the pressure. Surgery went well and the abnormal nerves were sent to our pathologist to look for signs of cancer. He was in good spirits and ready to go home the next day. He has a long road of physical therapy for recovery, but we hold high hopes he will do well and continue to show us great affection for a long time to come.